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Melissa Chung


Summer Mangoes

First of a series of pattern based work that I’m planning on as part of my self-driven exercises for Illustrator. Wish me luck!

Hey guys! I made a wallpaper in C4D because I was in a Kodama mood. It’s 1920x1200 so feel free to resize it if you want to use it on a smaller screen.

Please don’t remove my watermark. I’ve saved it as a super high quality image so you can get an awesome wallpaper so I’d really appreciate it if you left it on <3

Said no canadian ever.

Brush experiment in Photoshop.

The first of a series of upcoming forest related illustrations. My topic is on Abnoba, the celtic goddess of the Black Forest.

My official “pen name” for my C4D/Design endeavours because “Melissa Chung Productions” sounds narcissistic and drab. 

Process work for The Forest assignment. Featuring the celtic goddess, Abnoba.

The introduction to my demo reel. Hopefully the rest goes just as well…

A little sneak peek into my demo reel which will be my final project for my Digital Media course. Super fun and exciting! 

I feel so conflicted ~_~ Why is this so hard


inspired by cosmic pictures and Joanna Newsom. A lighting/material test in Cinema 4D.